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Official(ish) time attack leaderboard for SRB2Kart.

Recent replays

Course Name Time Character Verification
Megablock Castle Zone StreetsTM 1'46"17 nino Info Download
SM Special Stage 3 Rubber Ruff 1'26"68 scarlettecustom Info Download
Chemical Facility Zone werehog1999 2'15"80 boomed Info Download
Blue Mountain Classic werehog1999 1'23"68 cdsonic Info Download
MKDS Peach Gardens werehog1999 1'20"25 cdsonic Info Download
Blue Mountain Zone raccoon 2'20"57 sonic Info Download
Sunbeam Paradise Zone Aluigi (flap) 1'24"22 kaluigi Info Download
Twinkle Cart werehog1999 1'28"20 cdsonic Info Download
Coastal Temple Zone werehog1999 1'37"40 sonic Info Download
Blue Mountain Zone werehog1999 2'21"77 sonic Info Download

Popular courses (last week)

Course Submissions
Blue Mountain Zone 2
Midnight Channel 2
SM Special Stage 3 2
Sunbeam Paradise Zone 1
Honeybee Industry Zone 1

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