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Official(ish) time attack leaderboard for SRB2Kart.

Recent replays

Course Name Time Character Verification
Megablock Castle Zone Tanooki116 1'51"05 madeline Info Download
Canyon Rush Zone Tanooki116 1'53"45 madeline Info Download
SMK Donut Plains 1 M 1'26"22 tails Info Download
MKSC Rainbow Road himie 0'55"62 akko Info Download
Green Hills Zone Chuckles troll:) 1'25"71 sonic Info Download
Vanilla Hotel Zone AJ1AyrtonClimax 2'11"65 ayrtonjensen Info Download
Grand Metropolis Kostas 1'52"54 shadow Info Download
Sapphire Coast Zone Crickenn 1'19"17 metalsonic Info Download
Darkvile Garden Zone Crickenn 1'18"54 metalsonic Info Download
Lake Margorite Zone Crickenn 1'47"22 blaze Info Download

Popular courses (last week)

Course Submissions
SMK Donut Plains 1 1
Canyon Rush Zone 1
Megablock Castle Zone 1

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